Thursday, July 18, 2013

Of Socks & Sacks....

I love project bags... there is something so satisfying about a line of little bags stuffed full of knitting-in-progress lined up beside my favorite chair..... I like them with handles...... I like them with drawstrings... and I like them with zippers..... but my NEW favorite project bag is kind of a cross between all three...


This little beauty has a drawstring top that doubles as a handle when you are knitting on the go... and a cute little zippered pocket on the front for stashing your notions, pattern, and doo dads (and keeping them secure).  And the best part?  There's a free pattern for it, only a click away, by Terry Atkinson.

All you need are 2 fat quarters (1 print, & 1 main color) and one 9" zipper (or longer).  NOTE:  This particular pattern DOES HAVE A ZIPPER (I want to make this very clear for all of you zipper-phobic sewers out there), but because of the way the bag is constructed, it is very simple to put in.  The only modifications I made to this pattern were to add an inner lining to the bag (I like my bags to look "finished" on the inside) as well as an inner lining to the pocket. 

So far, these little bags have held up great for protecting my 2-at-a-time magic loop socks plus any needed notions... and they are just so cute and fun (I'm pretty sure every knitter needs one, or two... or three :) !!)

And if this little bag doesn't suit your needs... why not try one of my other favorite bag patterns; A Bevy of Project Bags, a Triangle Bag, or try an embroidered bag like "Baa Baa Black Sheep", "Got Yarn?" or "Here Kitty Kitty?".  So many bags... sew little time!

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  1. SUPER cute bag! & I "sew" need to make a few new project bags! Thanks for the post.