Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Here Kitty, Kitty!

More stitchery... a darling little kitty this time, that I decided to feature on the project bag for a kitty lover.  I found this free embroidery pattern at Hudson's Holidays (click on the picture to go to her website and download it for yourself):

I traced it with a sharp pencil onto some quality muslin, and then embroidered all of the lines with backstitch, the circles with satin stitch, and the butterfly antennae with french knots.  Here is a great resource if you need a refresher on any of these stitches!
I added some fabric strips in a kitty themed fabric print & a cheerful bright pink polka-dot.... added a zipper with a ribbon pull, some interior padding to keep those needles and hooks safe, and an interior snapping yarn guide to keep project yarn from tangling.  I also squared off the bottom to help the bag stand on it's own.  This cute little bag seemed to cry out for a interior pocket... and I added one with a coordinating kitty print topper, and a snap to keep it shut.  Here's my finished item:
As well as a shot of the interior (with pocket and snapping yarn guide):
and a shot of all of the other goodies I sent to my recipient (little projects to make and try!):
I hope she enjoys her one-of-a-kind swap package as much as I enjoyed putting it together!  Incidentally, I have a new picture logo for my blog:
Love that little hen :).  Have a great weekend!

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