Friday, September 14, 2012

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Yet another hand-embroidered project bag.. but this time with a sheepy theme!  A sheep picture, some added font work with photoshop, and Ta-Dah!  A new embroidery pattern to follow:

I also knew that I wanted some sheepy fabrics to complement my bag... but I couldn't find anything online or at the store that was just perfect... so I went with a fabric that is reminiscent of wool locks on a black background.  This little project bag features a zipper closure, inner snapping yarn guide (so you can switch out projects at will), and a squared off bottom so that it will stand up on its own.  I didn't use a pattern, but instead let the size of the embroidered piece, and the length of the zipper dictate the finished size (living dangerously, I know!)  Here is my finished bag:

Since this bag was going to be part of a knitting swap package featuring a Teeny Tiny handmade.. I had another quandry.  What to make?  I love this pattern by Little Cotton Rabbits (and have adapted it for all sorts of creatures, including a bee, and a cat).... could I knit a sheep?  After adapting the ears, and moving them slightly down the head and adding some yarn curls up top... I had my finished items!  (However, my husband still asked me, "Ummmm... are those puppies?"  But... what are you going to do, lol?)  Meet "Purl" and "Curly":

Here is the rest of my swap package, including some mini-skeins, some sheepy little tags and a new set of darning needles.  Hope it puts a smile on my recipient's face!

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