Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine Squeak Kitchen Towel

One of my favorite ways to brighten up my kitchen is to add a new towel to my rack - especially a hand-embroidered one!  Dish towels make the perfect housewarming or wedding gift because they are so versatile and can be made to fit any kitchen. Best of all, the one I am sharing today whips up quickly; and what could be cuter than a sweet little mouse sending some love to his special "somebody"! 


I have a secret, though... when you buy a pack of flour sack towels, they are almost always enormous (33" x 38").  Standard kitchen towels are normally 25" x 14".  So, what I normally do is cut each flour sack towel in half, and re-hem them.  This gives me twice the number of towels for my money (and they fit better in my drawers!)

All you have to do is download the pattern below, and print it in the size you need.  Trace it onto your fabric with a disappearing ink pen or a pencil, and then embroider the design any-which-way you’d like.  I used backstitch for most of the design on my towel:



and lazy daisy stitch (sometimes called a "detached chain) for the flower leaves, and satin stitch for Mr. Squeak's eyes.  And there you have it ... the perfect gift for your special somebody!

Download your free pattern by clicking on the picture below:

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