Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Scrappy Work

I'll just come out and admit it.... I'm a sockaholic.  Really, the only reason I learned how to knit is so I could make socks.  And while I have branched out a bit in my obsession (I mean.. I make sweaters, hats, and mittens too)..... really?  It's all about the socks.
However, this leads to another dilemma.  After you cast-off your handmade work of art for your feet, there is ALWAYS a bit of leftover yarn.  And not just a little yarn, either.... enough that you would feel very guilty throwing it away (especially now that I find myself preferring the "good stuff").  What to do? 
Well, I have finally hit upon the solution.  Scrappy.... everything.  I think when most people think scrappy... they think things like "Obvious Colorbreaks... and Clashing Colors".  Not so!  A little blending goes a long way, and takes those scraps from something guilt-ridden to something fabulous!
I normally cast on with just one color and knit with it for a while.. and then start striping with my other scraps at odd intervals (2 rows one color, 1 row of another, 2 rows same color, 3 rows of another), carrying my yarn strands up the side in an inconspicious spot (NOT in the bottom of the foot, lol!)  And I have fallen in love with the result.  Not only does my pocketbook thank for me for using up all of those pricey little bits, I just love the colorful outcome.  Check out these scrappy beauties, using the Turkish Bed Socks pattern by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas:
This first pair uses up three different variagated pink yarn scraps:

And this pair uses some of those SAME pink scraps, along with FOUR other different yarns:

The key is in the blending.  I know some of you are shaking your heads right now and saying something like... "But what about all of the ENDS you will have to weave in?"  Oh no... remember?  After you add in your next yarn, you just keep carrying it up the side.  This means that you really shouldn't go more than 2-3 rows with the same color, so you don't have large "floats" inside... but, it's just not as bad as you think :)
Here's some more examples; these ones have a bit more obvious color striping.. but only because that was the effect I was going for...

 And these are just slippers... what about using up odds and ends for an entire, adult length sock?  These are my hubby's very favorite pair at the moment (with more skeins that I can count)...

And I just finished up these "Blended Vanilla Latte Socks" for a dear friend :)

So, give it a try!  Break out all of your scraps, and cast on :)  I bet you will love the result!


  1. You've inspired me (again)! I've got to try this technique.....Maybe not on socks though (since I just don't seem to be a sock knitter). Maybe fingerless gloves. Or a hat?!?!

  2. I'm glad, Lori! I think scrappy work is a lot of fun, and I think it would look great in a hat or some colorful mitts (make sure you show me... I would LOVE to see them, :) )