Monday, March 3, 2014

Lost No More! - {with free pattern}

I just love stitch markers… they turn even an ordinary knitting project into something special!  The only thing I don’t love about them is how easily I seem to lose them.  They slide off into neverland… into the bottom of project bags, and in between my couch cushions.  The solution?  Stitch marker sized traveling pouches!  I think these little pouches are so cute (and easy to sew!)

Ready to sew?  You need to cut a strip of your chosen fabric 2.5" by 11", as well as a piece of iron or sew-on interfacing 2.5" by 5.5".  The interfacing gives your finished pouch a little more body, but it is not absolutely necessary.
Fold the main fabric in half lengthwise (right sides together) and either fuse or pin your interfacing on top.  Stitch, 1/4" around the outside edges, leaving a 2" hole on one long side for turning.
Now, turn it right side out through the hole on the side, and press (please, please, please press.  Really.  It will make your life sooooo much easier!)  Next, it's time to add the snap.  I use plastic resin snaps with a hand-held snap press (like these ones).  They have recently become readily available at many local fabric stores (I used to have to order them from China, and wait a long time for them to arrive!)  However, you can use any closure you would like (velcro, button, metal snap, etc).  Place a female snap centered, approximately 5/8" down from one short side. 
Fold the piece you placed the snap on up to make a pouch about 2" tall, and stitch close to the edge up one side, across the top (this will be the flap), and down the other long side.  This will make the pouch, and close up the turning hold on the side, all in one fell swoop!
Fold the flap down to mark the placement of the male snap, and put it in place.... and there you have it!  Your very own stitch marker pouch :).

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