Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sending A Little Love....

I adore Valentine's Day.... knitting, that is!  Every year, I tend to go a little overboard with my projects (and this year was certainly no exception).  And who can blame me?  Red & White, Pink & Red, Pink & White; they are all such great color combos. 
And what goes better with some Valentine's chocolate than coffee (and free Ravelry patterns)?  I used the Valentine Mug Cozy by Kristen TenDyke to knit up these little cozies - a perfect fit for the ubiquitous Starbucks travel cup.  I altered the pattern to be in-the-round, and fit a travel cup rather than a mug as follows: 
I cast on 54 stitches (2 sections of 19 for the colorwork hearts, and 2 sections of 8 for two cable portions), and I did three rows of k1p1 ribbing for the top and bottom parts. With a size 4 needle for me - perfect proportions for a travel mug cozy - in the round - so no need to do colorwork on the “WS” of the cozy, like with the flat version.

Click to see this project on Ravelry!

Click to see this project on Ravelry!
I also knit up this little cozy using the Java Love pattern by Diane Pearl Kostecki - so sweet!
Click to see this project on Ravelry!

And who couldn't use a couple more of these cute dishcloths for the kitchen?  I knit them 2-at-a-time so that I would only have to read the chart once (but get two dishcloths out of the deal!)  Heart Dishcloth Pattern by Emily Jagos

And to finish it off - some Valentine's Day Sewing, using my current favorite bag tutorial (Terri Ann's Sock Sack).  Once again, I do make some modifications.  I like my bags fully lined, as well as the pockets - so I have adapted the pattern for that ♥)
And then one of my own design - featuring an outer zippered pouch for notions, a squared off bottom for sitting upright, and a top zippered enclosure to keep your knitting safe and secure!
I also made some of these cute little lined zippered pouches, using the tutorial over at Jedi Craft Girl.

I hope this upcoming Valentine's Day inspires some sweet crafting of your own! 


  1. Such fun projects! What better way for a crafter to share the love. :-) I'm sure your Valentine's Day love will be very well received! :-)

  2. LOVE all the projects! They are so sweet!