Friday, February 10, 2012

K's Denim Elsie

Another new cardigan for K!

This time with the "Dungaree 3956" Berroco Remix. Made from 100% recycled fibers (mix of 30% Nylon, 27% Cotton, 24% Acrylic, 10% Silk, 9% Linen). Lovely, soft, and full of interesting bits of texture.

I already made the 18 mo version of this little cardi (The Elsie Cardigan) in the natural color... but I could tell that I'm only going to get one season out of that for K... so I decided on the 24 month size.  I did, however, go down a needle size to size 6 -----  This seems to help make a slightly denser fabric, and I just liked the way it looked.
Fresh off of the needles, buttons sewn on, and outside we go to take pictures!

Unfortunately, not two minutes into our little impromptu photo shoot, K sat down in a mud puddle and started playing with pieces of bark... but at least I managed to snap these shots before total meltdown!

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