Monday, March 5, 2012

Little Smocked Frock

While on the Oregon Coast Quilt Run 101 this year, I came across this book:

I've been eyeing it for some time now... especially for these booties!  But that's not what ultimately convinced me to buy it. 

The store down in Crescent City, A Perfect Yarn, had this little smocked dress on display... and I was hooked!

But, I couldn't afford to get the book.. AND the two skeins of Cascade Quattro the pattern called for.. so I settled for the book and two skeins of Washable Ewe from Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller

Here's the knitty-gritty:  Gauge: 5 st/in with size 6 platinum needles (6.5 rows/in), and I cast on 144 stitches for the 24 mo size.  This pattern starts from the bottom up, so after rows and rows of boring stockinette, I finally got into the good stuff at the bodice.  The smocking stitch was suprisingly easy (to knit, and to memorize the stitch pattern).. and this yarn feels just like Cascade 220.

Following the pattern, nine inches was WAY TOO LONG for the straps for my little munchkin (like.. 3 inches too long)… Seven inches would have been plenty. With nine inch straps, the bodice hung around her belly-button. Also, even though I made the button holes, I ended up sewing the buttons on - through the strap - to help keep them on. The straps are stretchy enough that it is easy to get the dress on (I also left the extra strap material inside the dress, so I can alter the strap length as she grows )

With only a  teeny little bit of yarn left from my 2 skeins…I give you.... the darling little smocked dress :)

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