Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lovely Breezeway

I wanted to try a crescent shaped shawl, and came upon this little gem (FREE!) on Ravelry, "All About Love" by Sylvia Bo Bilvia.

However, I couldn't afford a very expensive luxury yarn (like Madeline Tosh.... which is what I would have LOVED to knit it out of, lol), especially since this particular shawl calls for a worsted weight (which means you need 2 skeins to get the yardage..)  Soooo, I decided to try Berroco Vintage (50% Acrylic  40% Wool 10% Nylon), and I went with the color "Breezeway".

This really was a quick little knit.  You start with the lace portion on the bottom, and then use a series of short rows to shape the shawl.  After a soak, and blocking overnight, I was left with this beauty:

So... my verdict?… love the color, but I am not happy with the yarn choice. It just didn’t block out the way I wanted, and I guess I’ll have to chalk it up to the wool/acrylic blend.  Don’t get me wrong…. perfectly wearable, and very lovely, but not the drape I was looking for, and even though it has a very stretchy bind off and a garter band… there is still some tendency for it to curl at the top.
As for the pattern.. very nice! I love the lace edging, and it was a easy pattern to memorize (and intuitive as well). The pattern also comes with directions on how to block your finished object, which were handy (but did contain some profanity).

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