Sunday, March 18, 2012

Simple Shawl

Suprise.... a new shawl.  I read a post on Ravelry about finding your first shawl pattern to knit (for beginners), and one thread said,  "Good Luck!  Once you finish your first shawl, you will be hooked!"  And I have to agree!

I wanted to make something a little bigger than a shawlette this time though, and so I settled on LaLa's simple shawl by Laura Linneman, a free pattern on Ravelry.

and Patons Lace in Sachet

When I had only done 4 repeats of the pattern, it was almost as big as the shawlettes I had been making… and I decided just to keep going until I ran out of yarn.  The Paton’s Lace is very pretty.. nice color changes, and a lovely little mohair halo (but, this of course means that it is VERY DIFFICULT to tink any of those mistakes!!)  Even though it has a high acrylic content, I still really like this yarn. Very warm, and quite pretty.

I was a little concerned about how this would block, since it is mostly acrylic, but it was just fine (soak in cool water, spin with the salad spinner, and pinned out on the livingroom carpet). Lovely.

I decided to add a row of glass beads towards the bottom of the shawl (crochet hook method), and I ended up using all but a couple of yards of this yarn. I also went with a stretchy bind off (K2, put tip of left needle through the front of these 2 sts, knit them together, k1; rep from until you only have 1 st left on right needle, break yarn and draw through last st.)

These last two shots are modeled by my lovely daughter, since the intended recipient won't be getting it until mother's day (shhhhhhhh!)

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  1. I'm so glad when people post what a finished product looks like with certain yarns! I always thought the patons sachet yarn was more mint green than purple, but nope!