Friday, July 6, 2012

Of Summer & Socks

Summer has been a little late in visiting Oregon this year, and consequently mommy has still been kniting socks.  I received some lovely, multicolored sock yarn in my Ten Dollar Swap Package from mimzy2

I set to work on a pair of toddler socks so that I would have some easy car and vacation knitting while the hubby and I were attending the OCEANnetwork homeschooling conference here in Portland, OR. We had such a wonderful time at the conference together, and I picked up several items from the used curriuclum swap that were on my list!

These little socks were just the right complexity level for working on mindlessly while listening to the talks, and on the ride home.  By the way, I have had the WORST time trying to find a toddler sock pattern that fits my little girl's feet, and stays put.  I have finally switched over to this process to make sure those little socks are going to be able to be worn, lol!

For sizing: I measure around the widest part of their little foot; in this case I came up with 6.5 inches.  Socks feel the best when they are a little snug, so I subtract 1 inch for negative ease, which gives me 5.5 inches. Next, I check my gauge with the sock yarn/needles I want to use (normally I have a gauge of 6 st/in on size 2 needles).  After doing a little math (5.5 inches x 6 st/inch = 33 stitches) and rounding up to an even number (36 stitches) for the k2p2 ribbing that I like to use for socks, I can cast on and KNOW that someone will be able to wear these beauties :)

In this case, the someone was GOING to be little K........... but you can see how thrilled she was with the modeling session (sigh...)  Oh well :)

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