Sunday, July 15, 2012

Carrie's Crazy Colorful Socks

I recently finished up a pair of (you guessed it) *orange* socks for S11, and G8 started quickly clamoring for his pair.  But what color?  That was the sticky part of it... he couldn't make up his mind.  Enter, "The Scrappy Sock"!!!  I measured his foot to get an idea of how many stitches to cast on, per my sock making recipe on this post and away we went.  I knit 10 rows of each color, and then G8 would pick out the next scrap for the sequence. 

Here are my sock yarn scraps that I used (notice the neon orange/yellow/pink from my recent dyeing experiment in the back, lol):

and here are the finished socks:

And of course, my happy recipient.  The kids tend to wear their handknit socks until they fall from their feet in pieces, so I really hope the nylon in these extends the shelf-life by a bit!!!

As much I liked these socks, I couldn't bring myself to add in the neon orange/purple/pink for the next pair of stripey socks, and so this pair is a tad more muted (but I really like how the color combinations came together!)  This pair is knit out of five different left-over scrap yarn snippets:

This was a very fun, budget-friendly project, and I hope you knit up a pair of your own scrappy, stripey socks :). 

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