Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Around and Around We Go

I must say that Day 3 of learning to spin on my new drop spindle was much easier (and WAY more productive) than Days 1 or 2, lol!  Even though I still ended up with a heavy worsted/light bulky weight yarn; it was something I could live with.  The very helpful man at Pacific Wool and Fiber suggested I start out with some Corriedale Cross Wool Top  (which was very affordable at about $9.00 for 8 oz), and after fiddling around and watching YouTube videos for a couple days, I was able to successfully take this:

To a couple 100 yard balls of these singles:

And then ply them together with my spindle into 100 yards of this; my very first handspun!

I got about 11 wraps per inch, indicating that is most likely a heavy worsted or a light bulky... but what to make out of this precious yarn?  Well, first it needed a bath through the dyepot to turn it into this:

and now it screams "HAT" at me... I'm thinking this one (free on Ravelry):

Man Hat Pattern by Haven Leavitt

And now, a couple weeks later, we have, "The Not So Manly Hat" modeled by my lovely recipient :)


  1. Hard to believe that's your very first spinning. It's really nice! Strong work, Miss. :-)