Sunday, June 3, 2012


Felting that little monster change purse was so much fun... I decided I needed to knit up something else that could be felted!  I wanted to knit a little credit card sized wallet that I could haul around in my purse (in my favorite color, of course)... but after much internet searching, I couldn't find anything that was quite right..

So, enter my very first pattern (lol), the "Felted Embroidered Wallet".  It took some doing to figure out the construction and design aspect, but I persevered.  I knit up two samples (one from the same yarn I unravelled to knit the coin monster here, and the purple from a previous unravelling attempt).

I also had to sit down with my vector drawing program, and figure out how to illustrate the embroidery stitches and placement... so I came up with these little drawings to include in my pattern:

After several attempts, and some math, I uploaded my first free pattern to Ravelry:

and here are the finished pictures:

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