Friday, February 18, 2011

Quick Knit Baby Hoodie

My very first sweater! I knitted a 12 month sized hoodie for Katie using size US 10½ needles & Lion Brand Jiffy Dark Grey Heather & this pattern: Quick Knit Hoodie by Stacie Perry The videos that go with this pattern really make the difference between giving up on your first sweater in frustration, and having the lightbulb go on above your head! Everything I needed to know was either explained, demonstrated or referenced… so this sweater took me 2.5 days from beginning to end. I love it! I used acrylic instead of wool or superwash wool because it is for a baby, and I know it will be washed many, many, many times.
This is the first time I have tried swiss darning.. and the heart came out a little wonky (especially on this heather yarn… very hard to see the individual knit stitches), but I still think it looks cute :)

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