Friday, February 18, 2011

Here There Be Dragons

Grant requested a custom made dragon hat... and I was able to find the perfect pattern! This was the first colorwork pattern where I was finally able to learn how to hold a color in each hand.. which made the colorwork section go much, much, much faster!

This was a very cool pattern; I liked that the pattern included color charts, and line by line instructions depending on what you preferred. I also like the checkered pattern, and the crown detail is cool. I used a grey heather acrylic from my statsh for the body of the hat, and a slightly graduated yarn (Cascade Paints) for the dragon pattern.

The only problem I had is that the pattern instructs you to cast on 90 stitches for a child… and then you are instructed to do 2 x 2 ribbing (which doesn’t seem to come out even)… maybe that’s just my inexperience coming through, lol!

And, now for the pictures!

I also ended up making dragon socks to match his hat (at his request, lol!). The colorwork portion is a trifle snug on his calf, but it does help the sock stay up very well… he just needs a little help easing it over his heel, and then he says it is very comfortable!
I used a basic sock pattern, cast on 32 stitches (I should have done 36 stitches, as the dragon is a 18 stitch repeat- so only one of the dragons flames.. the other dragon on the sock is flameless!). I did a k2p2 ribbing, followed by a red/grey checked pattern, then 2 repeats of the dragon and then another repeat of the checked border. I’m very happy with these, and most importantly, Grant is too!

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