Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mini Hybrid Gift

While I was waiting in line at Safeway today, I just happened to catch site of the olive bar... and those cute little olive containers. I took one right home and came up with this:

I made the labels for the Hershey Miniatures as described below in my previous post, and I measured the lid, and added a 4" circle with my shapes tool in PSE. I also printed out some additional decorative elements using {Sweetness} by Purple Colourz so that I could add some dimensionality to the lid. Here's a screen shot of what I ended up printing (includes 12 wrappers)

I adhered the printed circle to my lid using my Pioneer Extra Strong Embellishment Glue stick (I love this gluestick... works on anything) and then added a sheer ribbon bow, a couple of matching buttons, and the top cupcake (with foam dots)... I packed the chocolates in the tub with some paper shreds, and presto... a hostess gift for my sister-in-law! Here's the kit I used from FPD:

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