Monday, April 14, 2014


Our five year old's most fervent wish this year was for (you guessed it):  A Pirate Party.  I'm sure this is due in no small part to the copious amounts of "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" that my littles have been watching for the past few months.  Nevertheless.... a pirate party was the order of the day. 
First things first... the decorations.  I used this tutorial from GloriousTreats to sew up a sturdy bunting for the birthday girl that could later hang in Captain Emma's bedroom!
I made a template using the font Franklin Gothic Heavy in photoshop, so I could cut her name out of black, iron-on fabric (typically used for patching jeans or pants).  This was a lot more cost effective than buying each iron-on letter... and I really like the way it looks! 
Next came the goodie bags!  I found a SUPER tutorial on Kitty Baby Love for sewing a drawstring bag with no exposed seams (using the french-seam method), and whipped out these little beauties from some pirate skull dotted fabric :)  Notice the odd man out sewn out of leftovers... (we just made that one the Birthday Girl's special bag!)


Next up were the pirate games (ARRGH!)  We read aloud the book, Pirates Go to School

and played "Pin the Patch on the Parrot" and "Sink the Boat" & "Walk the Plank" (see explanations here on PartyPlanningMom).  We also had lots of "Pirate Accessories" for the kids (AND PARENTS!) to dress up with!

Lots of pirate fun was had by all :)  

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