Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like......

Christmas!  Time to get that holiday sewing/knitting/crafting into high gear, lol!  And what better way to get into the mood than with some adorable holiday stitchery?  There's something about whipping up a batch of these guys that just makes me happy!

My favorite way to assemble these little guys is to trace my snowman design onto some high quality muslin with a pencil (you can always tape your design + muslin to a window to aid in this process), and then back the piece with some fusible fleece.  This hides my yarn tails, and gives me a sturdier piece to work with while I'm stitching the design.  For this project, I used the backstitch for outlining and words, satin stitch for the noses, and french knots for the eyes & mouths. 

After I'm done with the embroidery, I place the completed stitchery face down on a similarily sized piece of muslin, and stitch all the way around my completed snowmen (you can see the outline of the snowmen from the back because of the completed backstitch), leaving a 1-2" opening for turning.  After clipping corners and turning right side out, I then whipstitch the opening closed and add a thread loop for hanging.  Easy Peasy!

You too can stitch up a whole host of frosty goodness :)  The link to the free pattern is at the bottom of Samantha's Accessories blog, in the "Free Patterns" box... and the file name is "Free Snowman Stitchery Ornaments.pdf" 

In fact, these little guys make a good first project for a beginner (as demonstrated by my lovely daughter).  Once you get them started, everyone will want in on the action!

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