Monday, June 8, 2009

Need Some Inspiration?

Happy Monday to you! I want to share a fun psuedo-hybrid project I had made using Nikki's gorgeous kit {Color Me Happy}

as well as {Get Your Happy On} by Amy Stoffel, and {Dino-Mite}, also by Amy Stoffel

At, I stumbled across these two-sided dog tags on sale for $1.99 each with free shipping. The specs call for a 450 x 800 pixel design, so I chose a picture for each child for the front of the dog tag, and then created a name plate for each child using some digital goodies. I then uploaded them to the site as .jpgs and dropped them onto the project. Here's a screenshot of the finished designs:

They just came in the mail last week.. and they turned out awesome! Each side of the dogtag is encased in hard, clear expoxy; so these should be kidproof for a good, long time, lol! As you can see, each of my intended recipients was very happy :)

These tags are still on sale, and turned out to be a great deal... so I might need to make some more!. Hope this inspires your week!

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